ChuckleHutch is a blog written by humorist and comedy aficionado James Kass.

James Kass: Handsome Bastard

James’ fascination with comedy started at the impressionable age of eleven, when he first heard Bill Cosby performing on a cassette tape.

(Yes, cassette! He’s old!)

Ever since, he has been constantly feeding an appetite for funny with a steady barrage of comedy albums, stand-up videos and live performances.

In addition to comedy writing, humorous essays and the occasional dirty limerick, James has emceed showcases and performed stand-up in New York City. James has also written four stage plays, including a comedic musical version of Cinderella.

James currently resides in Queens, NY with his beautiful wife and their adorable son, who both wonder why he insists on talking about himself in the third person.

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